Frequently Asked Questions

What size cymbal mounting/bell hole will the Grombal fit into?

The Grombal will fit into all cymbal bell holes and mount onto 6mm and 8mm stands.

Can I use Grombals after my cymbal has been "keyholed"?

Yes! The Grombal is THE perfect remedy for cymbal "keyholing". Put it on your keyholed cymbal and you can enjoy playing it again!

Will the Grombal melt or freeze and breakdown when exposed to prolonged, extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures?

No, the Grombal can withstand any temperature a human can, and more... The Grombal will not suffer any short term or long term damage as a result of being used outside for prolonged periods of time.

Does the Grombal affect the tone/sound of my cymbal?

Yes, it actually improves it! An independent study was conducted that compared the Grombal to felts and washers. The conclussion arrived at was that the Grombal allowed the cymbal to resonate clearer and enjoy more sustain...