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"The Grombal is absolutely one of the best additions I have ever made to my setup!  If you have ever lost cymbal wing nuts, or realized that cymbal felts can actually change the range of motion and even the SOUND of your cymbals, than you HAVE to try the Grombal! 

Even teardown becomes faster and easier because your Grombals can stay in your cymbals until the next gig.

Have you ever caught yourself spinning one or more of your cymbals until it hangs the way you mean for it to?  Grombals keep your cymbals mounted evenly and no matter where they rotate during your show or session, the cymbals are exactly as you set them to begin with. 

I am not usually one to change much in my routine or my gear. I've been with all of my endorsers for nearly twenty years. 

I will be using The Grombal for the next twenty years, because they NAILED this invention, and truly made my setup better, easier, and more musical! 

You owe it to yourself to give The Grombal a try!"