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Dennis Chambers

Davey Brozowski

Larry Bright with the Grombal

Larry Bright

Will Calhoun jammin with the Grombal

Will Calhoun

Micheal Cartellone jammin with the Grombal

Michael Cartellone

Eric Selby with the Grombal

Eric Selby

Alphonso Young with the Grombal

Alphonso Young

Joe Scarpino with the Grombal

Joseph Scarpino

Joel Santiago with the Grombal

Joel Santiago

Ron King

Kristian Thompson with the Grombal

Kristian Thompson - drummer for Vinyl Tap

I have what one fan called “A sea of cymbals” and setting up and tearing down is quite the task. With the Grombal/CymbalChief, setup and tear down is so much easier, I don’t have to mess with felts, washers or wing nuts. Just slide the cymbals on the stand and play. When we are done I just slide them off and into the cymbal bag they go. The way these products are designed allows for complete freedom for the cymbals to swing when hit, allowing for ALL the natural tones to emanate from them. I can not recommend these products enough. I am sold and a loyal customer.

Anthony Hitaffer- drummer for Wasabi

I love using the Grombal! It saves me a lot if time in those quick changeovers, and protects my cymbals. I can't see a reason to use felts again. The Grombal is great! The CymbalChief is an awesome replacement for those annoying, deteriorating felts. I love how my cymbals seem to float on top of them without any dampening.

Anthony Hitaffer with the Grombal